_Step into the third dimension with 3D Ringtones!3D Ringtones features high definition sounds in stunning 3D and 4D you can use as a customized ringtone, notification or alarm sounds. Simply tap a button to hear it's sound. Some of these ringtones are so clear you won't believe your ears!

_Stealth Ringtones for those times when a regular ringtone just won't do!Stealth Ringtones uses special frequencies known as Ultra Sound that most people over 20 years old can't hear! Due to a special frequency, you can play this annoying sound (if you are able to hear it) in stealth mode.

_With Body Mass Index you can easily calculate your BMI utilizing the most accurate formula. Simple plug in your stats and quickly see where you stand. Helpful information for loosing weight safely as well as understand your BMI as well. Stop all the guess work and find out your BMI now.


    JT is the lead developer of android applications and a founding member


    June 2012