_The most downloaded ringtones from popular ringtone sites grouped together in one application.  Click to listen.  Sounds can be saved as custom ringtones.  Updated regularly with new top ringtones.

_Crystal Ball Fortune Teller will answer your most important questions. Simply concentrate... ask a question, then touch the hand and watch the hand and crystal ball come to life and respond.- Animated fortune teller
- Dozens of different response specific sound effects
- Fun for all ages
- Free!

_Sound effects for every occasion. Ringtones, notification or alarm sounds too!This application featured the most downloaded Sound effects from the web grouped together in one easy to use interface. Hundreds of sound effect ringtones. More than 100 sound effects and ringtones in 1 application.
Not only listen to them but set those sounds as alarm or assign your favorite to a contact or use as your notification sound or ringtone.

Big Fart Button features a big shiny red button and other animations with over 100 different farting sounds that play random farts when you press the button. First choose your animation, farting Donkey, fart button or Farting Man. Then press the button and enjoy fresh animated farts so good you can almost smell them!- High quality fresh farts
- Funny animations
- Updated often
- Hi Res Images for tablets

_Top Bells and Whistles is a fun application that displays an animated whistle and has 10 bell or whistle sounds to choose from. Engage your whistle by tapping one of the bell or whistle buttons and disengage the animation by tapping the screen. Choose from 5 whistles: bird, lifeguard, bomb, wolf, or taxi. Choose from 5 bells: doorbell, boxing, Ka-ching (cash register), church, or boat. Children love the sound effects and animation.
_Turn your phone into a portable air horn that fits right into your pocket. Simply choose your horn board then have fun blasting your free Loud Pocket Air Horn.Features

- Loudest air horn on the market
- Reggae Horn
- Loud Tug Boat Blast you have to hear to believe

Warning: Prolonged use of this app can damage hearing, your speakers or your social life, use at your own risk!

_Zombie ringtones features sounds of the dead at the tap of a button. All the moans, groans, brains, screams and scary music you'd expect in your favorite zombie movie. Simply tap a zombie themed button to listen to sounds of the dead. Easily set any sound as your ringtone, notification or alarm sound. Ringtones of the dead
_The most authentic dog whistle app on the market. 12 different whistles!Dog Whistle features actual dog whistles used by dog and cat trainers worldwide in superior sound.

Want to train your dog or cat? Are you scared of dogs? Use Dog Whistle as a dog repellent or animal training tool.

You'll be amazed by the results.

_Did your friend just say something stupid? Use The Slapper! Want to fight with your friend without actually hitting each other? Use The Slapper! Someone annoy you? Use The Slapper! The Slapper is a fun and unique application designed to make a comedic slapping sound every time you wave the phone in a slapping motion or touch the screen. Simply start the application, choose your hand, then wait for the open hand to appear and swing away! Best of all, its free!Features:

* Real-looking hand
* Activate the slapper by swinging the phone or touching the screen
* It's a slapping good time

_Step into the third dimension with 3D Ringtones!3D Ringtones features high definition sounds in stunning 3D and 4D you can use as a customized ringtone, notification or alarm sounds. Simply tap a button to hear it's sound. Some of these ringtones are so clear you won't believe your ears!


    JT is the lead developer of android applications and a founding member


    June 2012